Your Product’s Journey

Our Production Process

Manufacturing large quantities of high-quality nutraceutical supplements, powders, and cremes is no easy task… unless you’re an expert. We combine years of experience, knowledge, and the latest manufacturing machinery to provide you with products that will carry your business forward.

At Fit Brands we pride ourselves in partnering with you and your product from start to finish. While the process for each one of our products is similar, we realize that your needs are unique. Our dedicated customer support team is available to walk you through product selection, offer advice and expertise, answer questions, and provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect next throughout the manufacturing process.

Step 1. Ingredients

Great products start with great ingredients. Whether you need help selecting the right ingredients for your product or you’re coming to us knowing exactly what you want, Fit Brands will partner with you to ensure you have access to the best ingredients available. 

We provide fast turn around times by keeping a fresh supply of many raw materials in our warehouse. Knowing that a single formula can have up to 50+ different ingredients, we maintain our supplies to ensure that we’re ready to go when you contact us with your production needs. 

For ingredients that are not in stock, we order them from one of our pre-qualified vendors. By working with vendors we know and trust, we can help ensure all products meet our standards of consistency and quality. All new ingredients and materials are placed in a quarantined section of our facility where they are inspected for quality.

Step 2. Quality Assurance

After inspection, all ingredients are checked and confirmed in our pharmacy compounding department. Here all ingredients to be used in your formula are measured and weighed to ensure label claims are met.

Step 3. Compounding & Encapsulation

Based upon the product parameters (product type, batch size, capsule size, powder density, and hygroscopic compounds), your product will be compounded in one of our production machines.  Products that require encapsulation will be sent to our semi-automatic encapsulation machine, or our fully automated high capacity encapsulation machine. All of our encapsulation machines have a two-step polisher sequence to clean products that might be sticky. Products are examined for consistency and weight throughout the compounding and encapsulation process. Upon completion, products go through a final rigorous manual inspection process.

Step 4. Bottling & Labeling

Once a product has passed inspection, it is brought to our bottling and packaging assembly line. One the production assembly line, a rotator funnels bottles into two conveyors (a 16-station swift pack filled, and a 4-station swift pack filled). Both conveyors fill bottles with capsules simultaneously to increase the output. The bottles then pass through our automated desiccant pack inserter and are filled with cotton. After being filled, the lid scrambler places the lids on each bottle, and the lid torque seals it on tight. Each bottle is then fully sealed before it goes on to pass through the label applicator. Once the bottles are labeled, they find their way to another rotator where personnel check the lids and label application. Once each bottle passes inspection, the induction under the lid is heated to adhere to the brim of the bottle. All bottles are then sent to our automated neck bander, where our clients have the option of clear or “sealed for your protection” neckbands. Finally, each bottle passes through our inkjet machine where either a “manufactured on date” or “expiration date” is printed depending upon your needs. Every bottle will also be imprinted with a specific lot number.

Step 5. Packaging

Once your product is complete, bottles are packed into boxes and prepared for shipping. We partner with UPS, FedEx, etc. to have the product shipped directly to your door.

Fit Brands provides you with the best ingredients, experience, and knowledge to help you supply your customers with the best products. You’ll know exactly where the materials are being sourced, how your supplements are being made, and where your product is in the manufacturing process. Contact us now to start a conversation on how we can help you bring your product to life.

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